Best Of 2017: Advice From Our Digital Marketing Speakers

From speaking about web design at Wordcamp, to giving marketing advice to campground owners for Camp California, our digital marketing speakers have attended some pretty cool events this year.

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Tytanium PURE: Pimpin Joy by Intern Angela

First off, let me just go ahead clarify what “pimpin’ joy” is; Pimpin joy is the art of doing something nice for someone else in hopes that it will create a domino effect, so those who were pimped joy can go on to ‘pimp joy’ or spread goodness to others.

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Tytanium PURE: Pimpin Joy by Intern Kyle

Thanks to our generous Theresa for introducing us to Pimpin Joy- the best event forever. It is always hard to decide who deserve the bonuses of the month when everyone is doing a great job. Pimpin Joy will be an excellent method for every company!

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Tytanium Ideas Acquires Ospry Media


Increased Demand for Digital Marketing in Region Spurs Acquisition

Rocklin, California: Tytanium Ideas, Inc. a Digital Marketing Agency, has acquired Loomis-based Ospry Media, a modern marketing company specializing in Web Design, Website Care, Website Conversion, and Email Marketing.

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What's it Like to be a Tytanium Ideas Marketing Intern?

What's it like to be a Tytanium Ideas Marketing Intern? We've heard this question a lot from prospective interns and thought the best thing to do, would be to ask our summer intern to write candidly about her experience on the final day of her internship. Below are the (unfiltered) opinions of Natalie Hatch, Summer 2016 Marketing Intern. We hope this helps lend perspective to future intern applicants.

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Why Now is the Best Time to Be a Marketer

Maybe I'm biased, but after nearly a decade of volunteering and working for the marketing industry, I believe that we're in the middle of a marketing golden age. Here are 3 reasons why I believe now is the best time ever to be a marketer.

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Introducing Tytanium Academy

As a digital marketing agency, Tytanium Ideas has three main areas of focus. The first two are Inbound Marketing and Growth-Driven Design, but the third is a little less obvious: thought leadership!

With a geniune mission to educate our community on the best practices in digital marketing, we nabbed as many opportunities to speak and teach as possible over the last few years... but honestly, we felt like we weren't living up to the potential of what we could contribute as digital marketing experts! That's why we decided to launch Tytanium Academy, a fun, six-week workshop held at our office on Thursday nights to empower our business community with the tools they need to succeed.

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Join our Summer Internship Program!

Are you Tytanium?

Now that we've opened our new headquarters in Rocklin, we're excited to be right next to two amazing colleges: William Jessup University and Sierra College. That's why we're thrilled to announce our new summer intern program!

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Wait, Did Someone Say Holiday Party Bottle Service?

When the Theme is "Fancy Pants..."

Let's do things differently.

So I had an idea this past November. An idea to switch up this whole corporate holiday party topic. It's a staple of the business world, and a great way to take a breath and celebrate the year. 

Seems like the month of December gets a bit packed when it comes to Christmas parties. Family get togethers, closing out the year at work, business planning and the like.  

After asking some of our favorite clients, Randy and Lisa Peters, about what they did for their company party, we had to try it. 

Read on to find out... 

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