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Title: Project Manager & Traffic | Sacramento Area

Role: Ensure all projects are up to quality and run efficiently.

Type of Position: Exempt, full-time.

Compensation:   Salary & commission structure.

About the Position

Tytanium Ideas, a digital marketing firm, is seeking a operationaly-minded, systematic team member that LOVES accountability.  You're going to need to be a bright, friendly person and a highly-skilled communicator to lead and motivate our team to win. This position is critically important  for the agency.  

An ideal candidate will be innovative as well as knowledgeable about the concept of lean thinking, and able to implement lean process development ideas. They will be highly self motivated and task oriented.

You're going to be herding cats quiet a bit (it's the nature of the beast) so your role is to help organize the chaos. Please be a tenacious go getter. To really succeed in this role, you should be efficent and focused on making our process run as smoothly as possible. You will need to  work well with teams to ensure that everyone has what they need to function and ultiamtely win for clients.  Your job is to make sure that we complete projects on time, with minimal struggle. 

Our superstar will also be an excellent people person. After all, you're leading a team so you must know everyone's skills, strengths and abilities. 

That’s the short version, but to be honest this position requires a wide variety of skills and responsibilities. This is a big job; the company and team count on you to help us grow.  The candidate we select will face many challenges, but if they do the job right and can see the big picture, they will find the position extremely fulfilling, extremely fun, and will have the potential to make a huge impact on the agency’s success.


You have one job! 

Strengths for this position fall in these areas:

Leadership: Leading and managing a team will be your world. (You're gonna love it.) It’s really important to be able to inspire others, set a clear vision, and lead effectively.  Leadership at Tytanium starts with leading yourself.  if you can do that, you're on the right path.

Team Management: Project managers need to manage tasks and projects from an operational point of view. An effective manager is highly skilled at coordingating, rallying and inspiring groups of individuals to action. You'll promote teamwork, delegate tasks, resolve conflict, set goals, adhere to deadlines and evaluate performnce from all angles. 

Communication: 90% of this role will be communicating. Can you do that, and do it well?  One of the keys to being a communicator is also listening. How well of a listener are you?

Negotiation:  This role is about negotiating resourses, budgets, scheduleds, scope creep, and a host of other things that will creep  up. Knowing how to negotiaite well so that everyone is satisfied and has what they need to win is a must for this role. 

Orginaization (personally as well as at the team level): You can't give what you do not I right?!  Because this job involves organizing others, you'll need to have great organizational skills personally to succeed. 

Risk Management: If you can predict and create solutions to issues before they arise, you increase your chances of delivering on all projects successfully.  Risks by definition are not urgent; so as a result, many project managers fail to consider risks as seriously as they should.  You will be managing the traffic, so you have to have your eyes and ears up at all times.  Being able to control risk (as best as you can) is a sign that you are on top of your project.

We all hate surprises and good risk management is one way that you will have to manage that.



  • Must have read all of the above and feel excited about this position!
  • Must understand who you are and your skill sets. Be the best you, tell us your goals and we can help take you farther.  If you’re still trying to “find yourself” that’s cool, but this might not be the best fit for you. You must want to want this.
  • Must be a communications professional, with previous experience in a communication-heavy role.
  • Strong emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.
  • Must obtain inbound marketing certification and inbound sales certification within first month on the job.
  • High level of organization and attention to detail.
  • High competency level in digital marketing, computer, and software skills compatible with job responsibilities.
  • Conduct within and outside office while conducting business must be pristine. We have a culture code, you must follow it.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment, as well as independently. You will be flushed out quickly if you come with some ego, and an advancement plan as opposed to a team growth mentality. This is not a “boiler room.”
  • Must be U.S. Person or Permanent Resident
  • Associate's degree or higher. Prior marketing experience in client-related business, communications, public relations, sales & marketing or a related area of study. The more experience (or the more sophisticated the level of experience) the better.


Currently accepting applications until December 31st, 2018, although position will remain open until filled. 

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