Small Business Saturday 2018: Tips and Resources

Tytanium on October 24, 2018 at 10:55 AM

Updated: October 24th, 2018

As an digital marketing agency who works with local business owners, we're pretty excited about Small Business Saturday. While online shopping and extended sale periods have taken a lot of the importance away from holiday shopping, there's still a special kind of magic to the unique experience of shopping at a locally-owned store, greeting the owner by name and picking up a unique gift.

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This blog is a love letter to those small business owners and to the people who #shopsmall. This blog is also a little bit of us bowing down to a truly genius marketing campaign: American Express's "Shop Small."

At Tytanium, we give credit where credit is due, and American Express has knocked it out of the park this year. If you're a small business owner, we recommend you check out the campaign and download the "custom" marketing materials they're providing for free. By all means, use them.

We also have a few extra tips to add because... y'know, this marketing thing is kind of our jam.

5 Small Business Saturday Marketing Tips 

1. Be authentic. 

You’ve just opened your doors and you’re ready to bring in business. You may be tempted to take on a more formal brand voice or adopt an ultra-polished look... don’t do it! We like you just the way you are! One of a small business’s biggest charms is its authenticity. You’re not a faceless conglomerate, you’re part of the community- own it! Keep your online presence honest and down-to-earth, and try featuring the employees that will be in-store on Saturday in your marketing materials. Your customers will feel like they already know you.

2. Use video!

 A personal video of your team and store will have more impact than stock footage and photography can! Video is a great way to support your brand’s authenticity- it lets your customers get to know the people behind the business. Try sharing videos of your employees demonstrating your product in action, or maybe film a vlog with the story behind your business.

3. Provide a compelling incentive to bring customers in-store.

Small Business Saturday is all about foot traffic, so make sure your customers stop by for a visit. Let your regulars know you’re celebrating Small Business Saturday with an email blast, and step up your social media marketing before the big day. Draw people into the store with goodies like coupons and samples, and make sure your staff offers a stellar customer service experience to keep them coming back.

4. Have a strong in-store call-to-action.

Your customers can help you promote your awesome products and friendly customer service. An in-store call-to-action will encourage them to share the love. Invite them to connect with you on social media or tag you in a photo from their shopping trip.

5. Measure your results and write a note to yourself for next year.

How did it go? Make sure you’re set up to keep track of relevant data before Small Business Saturday so you can learn from your findings and do even better next year. Did you get more customers from your email blast? Maybe a significant chunk of your visitors stopped by after seeing a particular Facebook post. Make a note of what worked and what didn’t so that you can emphasize those areas next year, and strengthen or eliminate marketing tactics that weren’t effective.  That way, you'll do even better next year!

Want more advice to get your marketing ready for the holidays?

Drop us a line. 

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