Meet The Tytans

Inbound Marketing Consultant

Jessica Brooks

Inbound Marketing Consultant

Tell Us About Yourself?

Animal lover! Fitness connoisseur - trying to live my best life. Consistently trying to find new hobbies, places and things to explore. But also love the calmness of snuggling at home!

What do you do at Tytanium Ideas?

I’m a content master! Developing content for my clients and creating enticing ads to move the needle for their business!

What is the best talent that you bring to Tytanium Ideas Clients?

I’m going to say organizational skills for sure. I have a capital A in type A personality and I’m not afraid to use it!

Favorite Inspirational Quote?

“Strive for progress, not perfection”

Favorite book(s)?

The Notebook

Favorite Movie/TV show?

Land Before Time - Sucker for Petrie

Favorite social platform?


Where are you from?

Fremont, CA.

What’s your favorite drink?

Alcoholic? Can’t go wrong with a delicious IPA or Pale Ale.
Non-alcoholic - champagne…. Jk water :)

If money were no option where would you travel to?

Greece!! I would lay on those beaches and never leave.

What are you passionate about personally?

I personally am super passionate about fitness. I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to working out 4-5 times a week. I try to eat healthy as often as possible but I’m a true believer in donuts & cupcakes.

What do you really enjoy?

Spending time at home! My family lives two hours away so we travel often to the Bay Area to see them.

What’s something most people may not know about you?

Varsity point guard in high school!! Yes, I’m 5’3.

What can’t you stop talking about?

My animals!!!… crazy cat lady with a side of a German Shepard. But they are so cute and how could you not talk about them?

My promise to you… our client.

I promise to always be honest and steer your business in the direction of success!