Meet The Tytans


Katie Cook

Inbound Marketing Consultant

Tell Us About Yourself?


What do you do at Tytanium Ideas?

As an Inbound Marketing Consultant I help create awesome content for our clients and improve experiences through digital marketing.

What is the best talent that you bring to Tytanium Ideas Clients?

With experience in graphic design, content creation, and branding I can bring a creative and detail-oriented perspective to our clients campaigns and help them exceed their marketing goals.

Favorite Inspirational Quote?

“It is the small, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.” - Gandalf

Favorite book?

I have a lot of favorite series, but I have a hard time picking just one! Some awesome recent ones are Game of Thrones, The Dresden Files, Dark Tower, and Sabriel.

Favorite social platform?

I spend the most time on Facebook connecting with family and friends, and on Pinterest sharing beautiful recipes, content and ideas.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Yuba City and Rocklin, CA, and now currently keep home base in the beautiful foothills area of Auburn, CA.

If money were no option where would you travel to?

Europe! I’d start in Spain and Italy, but I would love to hit up all of the best museums and coffee shops throughout the entire continent.

What are you passionate about personally?

I’m always sketching and painting cards and gifts for friends with cartoony creatures, sleeping cats, or fields of flowers. I love painting and creating cute, fun, and beautiful things for people to enjoy.

What do you really enjoy?

I enjoy learning new things, and finding new passions all the time! New ways to make art, a new hiking trail, or a new show I can get excited about are some of the best ways to spend my free time.

What is something most people don't know about you?

I can be a huge nerd! I love playing board games, video games, and even have fun creating games with other people.

What can’t you stop talking about?

Creativity pops into everything I do, and I love bringing it into marketing where I can utilize it to help clients bring more to their digital and traditional marketing than they ever imagined!

My promise to you… our client.

I’ll always put my best foot forward to ensure we create success for your business and brand! I want to create amazing digital spaces our clients love and change lives with creative and engaging marketing!