Meet The Tytans


Tyler Campbell


Hello. My name is Tyler Campbell and I am a “win-aholic”. Just kidding, but I do love to win! I have a gorgeous wife, 3 amazing kids, and a garden that I am trying to keep alive. I grew up on the coast as my father was in the Coast Guard, so I am a passionate outdoors-man who loves to explore, travel, and experience new things. I love to do anything on a board to relax…wake, surf, snow etc. I really love to smoke a chunk of meat when I am at home. Tri-tip, ribs, brisket, salmon, you name it. I will smoke it. I served my country in the USAF for 8+ years and am honored to continue to do so. I drive a beat up station wagon, that has every applesauce, cereal, and fruit snack stain that you can think of in it from my kids, but wouldn’t have it any other way. Fitness is important to me, so I try to exercise regularly…when I am not lazy.

What do you do at Tytanium Ideas?

Here at Tytanium Ideas, my job is to lead, create, serve and execute. That is both for our team as well as our clients.

What is the best talent that you bring to Tytanium Ideas Clients?

Business Development, business strategy and overall execution. Planning is one thing, but doing is another. I make sure that we are doing both!

Favorite Inspirational Quote?

Just Do It. & Win The Day What’s your all time favorite movie: It’s a mash up of Saving Private Ryan and 300

Favorite book?

The Bible, then it’s got to be something by Jim Collins.

Favorite social platform?

Right now it’s Twitter, but YouTube is a close 2nd.

Where are you from?

My past residences look like locations where you recycle your bottles and cans. TX, NC, OR, CA, AK, MA, GE, ID

What’s your favorite drink?

Water, then Sierra Nevada, then water, then a nice Old Vine Zin. (not necessarily in that order)

If money were no object where would you travel to?

New Zealand, then to Israel, then back to party in Australia

What are you passionate about personally?

Growth. That comes in so many forms and facets, but when it’s boiled down to one word, it’s growth. O and winning….

What do you really enjoy?

Life. I know it’s kinda corny and cliche, but I really do. I am so blessed to have a family to serve, company to serve, clients to serve. It makes life interesting, exciting and enjoyable.

Favorite Football team?

Oregon Ducks. (Like nobody saw that coming!)

What can’t you stop talking about?

My home family and my work family. Celebrity that makes your skin crawl! Jillian Michale’s. She just yells a lot and seems mean.

My promise to you…our client.

You will always get my best. In order to win each and every day, I must show up, and play to win not simply to “not-lose”. There will be ups and downs, but you will always get my best. My best comes in the form or work ethic, honesty, integrity and upholding my teams values the same way. The word “Can’t” does not exist in my vocabulary. I promise to not give excuses. I strive to ALWAYS have my company’s service level at a 10. If at any time, we fall below that line I want to you to tell me. We will fix it, and always stay at a 10. Quality business is based on strong relationships. It is my promise to build a strong relationship with you.