How To Set Your 2019 Marketing Budget

For the rest of the world, new years resolutions are made in January. But business owners know that planning for a successful new year starts months before January 1st. If you’re going over the books to decide where to spend and where to cut in 2019, we’ve got some tips to help you create a successful marketing budget without overspending!  

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How To Know If You Have An Effective Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is a big investment. Even though you’re busy, that doesn’t mean you should be left out of the loop on your digital marketing strategy. Your agency should be able to show you that you’re getting results that count. If you’re wondering how you can tell whether or not you have an effective marketing strategy, here are four things to look for.

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Best Of 2017: Advice From Our Digital Marketing Speakers

From speaking about web design at Wordcamp, to giving marketing advice to campground owners for Camp California, our digital marketing speakers have attended some pretty cool events this year.

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Your Guide To Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency

When you invest money in digital marketing, you deserve to work with an agency that can get you a return on your investment. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a digital marketing agency that understands your business goals and company culture.

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What To Blog About To Survive SEO Updates

A search engine’s number one goal is helping people find quality content that answers their questions. Their algorithms are constantly evolving to better achieve that goal. Because of this, when you’re re-evaluating your website or blog’s SEO, your goal is simple. Create content on topics that address the questions people are asking, rather than addressing an algorithm or a certain keyword.

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SEO Audit: How to Optimize Blog Posts

Content on the web has never been more vital to a successful online presence than it is now. One of the ways companies of all sizes are leveraging the power of web content is by writing blog posts regularly. Writing a blog post is one thing, but optimizing the content is an entirely different task. Remember when you Googled “Best Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving” last fall? You probably found exactly what you were looking for in the first few options, because of search engine optimization or SEO.

To help you conquer SEO for your blog, I'm going to explain what SEO is, how it works and then give you a checklist for how to conduct your own SEO Audit for any blog post you write. Ready?

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9 Tips on How to Start a Blog That Doesn't Suck

How to Start a Blog That Doesn't Suck

Do you remember the last blog you read? Did it answer a question (Are unicorns real)? Was it entertaining (Buzzfeed’s 21 Photos Guaranteed to make you laugh)? Did it give you additional resources to explore your topic further? With the many, many blogs out there in the blogosphere, you want yours to be seen above all the rest. Well, with some of these helpful tips you will be well on your way to either sharing the best chocolate chip recipe that money can’t buy (unless it’s like, Warren Buffett money) or informing like-minded readers about a topic most relevant to you and them. So here's how to start a blog that doesn't suck. Otherwise people might react this way:

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Who made the biggest impact—Brené Brown or Seth Godin?

Thoughts from Inbound15

Since I am one that does not like to stand on ceremony, I will tell you right at the get: For me it was Brené Brown.

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Is It Time to Outsource Social Media Marketing?


Many business owners and agencies have been there:

Is it time to outsource social media marketing?

As a team member of a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media page management, part of me wants to say (universally) YES. Hiring a professional for any task is usually a good idea. 

But the entrepreneurial side of me wants to say, "You can hustle and do it yourself! Just do it correctly."

Either answer is technically correct, but there are a few things you can check for in terms of what professional social media marketing looks like. That way, you'll be able to make a decision if it's time to outsource social media marketing.

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How to Use Twitter Ads for Event Marketing

I can’t remember the last time I watched or attended an event without tweeting about it. At each event, I also follow the event organizer and save a search for the official event hashtag. The benefit to me is real time information—the benefit to the event marketer is a captive audience.

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